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Moto Photos
Race, Cafe & Custom
Craig Ottinger's BMW
Race Bike #381
copyright 2003 john branstrom
all rights reserved
I was chatting with some beemer
riders when I saw this beauty pull
into the lot at the Full Moon on 41
one Sunday. I immediately had to
go over and talk to the rider. Craig
Ottinger the owner gave me the full
run down on the machine.

It was raced in BOTT during the
early 80's it's last run being Road
America in 1985. It then went in the
garage for an extended period while
he got married, raised a family and
built his business.

He finally decided to bring it out of
mothballs and do a few things to
make it legal for the street.

I'm glad he did.
Offset rear wheel to
accept a 140, welded
frame braces, dual
plugged, custom
exhaust, upgraded
front dual discs,
straight shot carb
spigots, under 390 lbs.
etc, etc, etc,
Craig had to add these little lights
to make it street legal. They
actually looked quit bright during
the day. Didn't ask if he takes it
out at night.
Nice job on the front brake up
Craig said the straight shot
carb spigots made a big
improvement in performance.
Frame mounted S faring.

The electonic tach is all that you
need on a race bike. The GPS
serves as a Speedo so you know
exactly how fast you were going
when you got pulled over by the

Yes he did have a different top
triple on it when it was raced.
The adjustable steering damper is a

You can also see the tee for the
brake lines mounted on the fork

The oil cooler is fed directly from
the oil passages on the left side of
the motor.

I like the old AMA tech inspection
The welded on side braces require
the frame come apart to get the
motor out. This is a great mod as
it makes it very easy to get the
motor out quickly. There is
another similar bolt on the bottom
part of the tube (you can see it in
the photos of the rearsets below).
Disconnect the drive shaft, remove
the mufflers, pull a few wires, take
out the 2 bolts on each frame tub
and the motor and trans are out.
Oh yeah you have to take these
bolts off too.

This is the hard mount from the
top of the motor to the center
frame tube. This also helps stiffen
things up a bit.

That's just a cover for the old
starter hole to keep stuff from
falling in.

Yes, no starter means bump start
every time.

Craig made his own custom

If your going to add rearsets to any BMW Airhead this is what you should do. The cheesie passenger peg
brackets break quite easily under the amount of leg pressure they get from spirited riding. Craig has done a
beautiful job of fabricating these welded on custom backets with back bracing that runs to the swingarm area.
Here you can see the custom
exhaust, raised motor mounts,
deep oil pan spacer w/ cooling
passages and the fully front
removable valve cover.

Good job on the custom valve
cover beveling Craig.