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Chicago Tech Day 2002
Host Ted Strobl
Sean on his /2
Ted balanced the carbs on quite a
few bikes today. Every one left
running better.

Except John
John had to leave early and was
going with out working on his bike.
Ted could here there is something
minor that is wrong (He can. Trust
me on this. Ask me to tell you
how I know.) and it will only take a
minute to fix. But John was a
quick study. He had seen Ted do
this to 2 people already this
morning and then they were up to
there elbows in their motos. He
really had to go and was actually
able to escape Ted's grasp. No
easy feat.
A group of ABC members and
Airhead list subscribers got
together for a Tech Day at Ted
Strobl's garage in the alley behind
Ted's house on Oakley in
Oak, Oak's folding chair and Ed.

Ed had to use one of Ted's chairs
as he neglected to bring his own.
That's me working on Sue's R65. I'm
pulling the motor mount bolts to drop the
motor in the frame so we and put a
helicoil in the striped hole for one of the
oil filter cover bolts that revealed itself
during the first filter change since it's
been in our possession. Lucky that
Ted's neighbor Gunter (another German)
had a helicoil set in his garage and was
able to put one in for us so Sue could
ride the bike home. The hooligan light
set up is a fog/driving combo on top with
2 high beams below. The fog is used for
the regular beam with driving coming on
as high w/fog still on. The two high
beams have separate switch that works
them both. Yes, every thing wired
through separate relays.
Ted giving a masters class
on carb balancing using the
screw driver ground method.
Later he brought out one of
Oak's Black Boxes and
demonstrated how that also
grounded the plug to prevent
it from sparking so that one
cylinders speed can be
compared to the other.
Chris finally gets to leave as Ted
drops to his knees in thanks.
Chris came by just to do a few
simple things and was one of the
people that wound up spending
much more time than he expected
as Ted found on thing after another
wrong with his bike.
Chris's Plate Frame. I think he felt
a little doomed himself today.
Hope you enjoyed the photos
John "Blitz" Branstrom
copyright 2002 2003 john branstrom
Ted in the wind tunnel testing the
amount of lift generated by a
Vetter fairing. Actually just
cooling fans to keep the motor
temp down while balancing carbs.
Photos Blitz & John Jarosz
Photo John Jarosz
Photo John Jarosz