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Chicago Norton Owners Club
Vintage Show 2003

copyright 2003 john branstrom
all rights reserved
Daniel visiting from Germany has a water cooled
/6 that he made himself. It's very interesting. Each
cylinder has its own radiator. Click here for photos.
Al Sloan the ABC IL airmarshall was in attendance
John Jarosz another Airhead arrived on his S faired BMW
Terry and Rachel brought their Beautiful Red /2 Steib sidecar rig
Jeff Ginger, Chicago Region Vintage
Chairman rolled in on this mint black /2.
There was of course a
nice collection of non
BMW aircooled motos.
Like this Zundapp.
I'm sure Al would like me to mention this is NOT his bike.
Ducati Mach 1
Photos & text John "Blitz" Branstrom
Norton AHRMA BOTT Racer
Norton Cafe Racer