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Chicago BMW. Chicagos
authorized BMW Motorcycle
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copyright 2003 john branstrom
all rights reserved
Chicago BMW is the only authorized BMW
motorcycle dealer within the city limits. It's
located on Western Ave. at Farwell on the
far north side of the city.

They have a good selection of New and
Used late model BMW's. It's pretty rare
but you can occasionally find a used
Airhead here. Usually a PD type that
someone traded in on a Oilhead PD.

The parts dept. is well stocked and the
personal knowledgeable. They are now
offering mail order on parts. Mention any
club affiliation you may have. Might get
you a discount.

Their clothing is limited to the BMW line
only. They have helmets by HJC, Nolan
and Schuberth.
The large service area
takes up the rear of the
building. When weather
permits it can be opened
to the outside.