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Craig Chawla's
R65 Cafe Racer
copyright 2003 john branstrom
all rights reserved
Craig purchased this from the
builder Jeff Trapp of Madison WI in
June 2003. The bike started out
as a stock 1983 BMW R65

Mods include Evan Wilcox Tank,
Glass from the Past Seat, Telefix
Clip-Ons, Raask Rear Sets,
Telefix Fork Brace & /5 Headlight
The Evan Wilcox tank is
really a masterpiece.
Glass From The Past seat
The /5 headlight bucket holds the original R65 tach
and really helps give the moto a retro look.

The speedo is a bicycle unit with a magnet glued to
the rotor. Once programmed correctly these are
incredibly accurate.
You can see more photos of this moto and the other
motorcycles in Craig's collection if you click here