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Full Moon Restaurant
July 13 2003
Park Here
Park Here
Went for a ride up 41 on Sunday to see If
any places where taking over for the
Highland House as the meeting point for
area motorcyclists.

As I passed the Highland House I was
amazed how it looked when EMPTY.
There were a few bikes in the gas station
parking lot but that was it.

There really isn't much south of the old HH
except a Denny's and I'm sure that a lot
full of motorcycles probably doesn't fit with
the corporate image.

Heading North I did find a good sized
group of motorcycles at the Full Moon

This place has a huge parking lot. It's
much larger inside than the HH.
That's my 81 R100RS
"BuzzBomb" parked
with some Harleys in
the South lot.
Ducati owners always seem to
know where to park for the best
photo op.
The Crotch Rocket set made a
showing as well.
When I was leaving I spoke
with George at the cash
register. He said they would
like to have the motorcyclists
come by on Sunday. He did
make one request. (Most
likely so his regular customers
have some where to park.)

George asked that when we
come on Sundays that we
park in the lot North of the
restaurant. We can have the
whole lot.
We can also park in the lot
South of the Restaurant in the
area South of the flag pole.

Hope to see you here or
somewhere else.

Would be nice if the gathering
remained a large event with
with everyone going to the
same place. Rather than
small groups breaking off and
going to a lot of different
places. Who knows only time
will tell.

Rubber Down

copyright 2003 john branstrom