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Riders Page
This is a collection of sites from the resource
pages that should be helpful for ride planning.
Whether short or long this page can help
make the ride better.
This is the excellent GCM site that has up to the minute congestion,
accident and construction info for major highways in and around the
area covering Chicago, Milwaukee and Gary. Click here.
This is a link to the AccuWeather Travel Weather page. Click here
Billy and the Boy Cycle Rescue
Pager 312-712-9241 or 24hr # 773-685-4039
Hope you never need these guys. But if you break down in the Chicagoland area and
need a tow these are the people you call. Motorcycle specific towing.
The MSF put together a list of the most common hand
signals riders use to communicate. Everyone should
know these. Especially if riding with a group. Learn them