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Welcome Chicagoland
Airhead Motorcyclists
Hello and welcome to the Chicagoland Airhead Motocyclists website.
This site is dedicated to the BMW air cooled motorcycles, the people who ride them
and the people who appreciate them. Other BMW models and even other marques
will be presented on this site but the primary focus is the BMW aircooled boxer
powered motorcycle.

All BMW boxer motorcycles will be featured. There will be a heavy emphasis on the
motos powered by the venerable Type 247 motor.

Inside you'll find a wealth of news, information, classifieds, event info, photos, links
and more geared towards the Chicagoland and Midwest area.

Although we have info and links from all over the world. For more national and
international information you will soon be able to go to the new web site Airhead
International Motorcyclists.

Our goal is to make the A.I.M. and C.A.M. sites your ultimate resource for all your
motorcycling needs and the most important ingredient we need to make this
happen is YOU. We need your photos, announcements, ride reports, product
reviews, tech tips, project reports. Send us dealer, vendor, and service provider
reviews, trip reports, links to other sites. Anything you think will make this a better,
more informative site.

Please click here for submission info and requirements

This site is just starting up so I apologize for our dust as we are under construction
and some sections of the site are not finished yet. Please check back often as
there will be many changes and additions made.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the site and let us know what you think.

Rubber down;

John "Blitz" Branstrom
Publisher, Editor, Designer, Photographer, Writer, CEO, Bill Payer, Maintenance
Man, Cook, Test Rider and hopefully Benevolent Administrator of A.I.M. , C.A.M. and
all it's associated sites.
copyright 2003 john branstrom